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How to Clamp Mercedes-Benz ML GL Class W164 Suspenssion Front Air Spring? Youtube

Pinnuo / 2017-06-16

Main material need to replace the W164 front air spring as below:
1. Rubber bladder(126*93*344mm)
2. Metal rings(140*134*14mm, 113*107*13mm)
3. Inside rubber
4. Upper strut mount
5. Metal plate & sealing rubber ring
6. Copper valve
7. Metal head & piston (depend on the condition) thickness 
Before crimping, the diameter of rubber bladder+ metal ring+ metal head is ??mm. After crimping it should be narrowed to ??mm. Actually, we just clamp the rubber bladder thickness which is the only one material can be clamped. But usually the maximum crimping margin can’t exceed the rubber bladder thickness. And it’s clamped tightly.
The crimping machine can clamp air spring 3-5s when set in automatic mode. After 3-5s, it will release without manual operation. When you get some experience, you can distinguish whether the air spring clamped tightly or not by your eyes.
After crimping done, usuallly we use the rolling machine to press lower metal piston into the rubber bladder. Pls contact us to get that video.
In all kinds of air suspension shocks, most of them have aluminum cover. But except these models: W164 front, W251 front, X5 E53 front, A6 C5 front, Range Rover L322 front, Cadillac rear, etc don’t have aluminum cover. Above models without aluminum cover only have two metal rings, it’s easy to clamp.
In another video, we’ll show you how to clamp the aluminum cover metal ring of air suspension shock absorbers such as BMW E65 E66 rear, Audi Q7/ VW Touareg/ Porsche Cayenne front, Porsche Panamera front, Land Rover Discovery 3&4 front.