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How to Clamp Mercedes-Benz W221 Suspenssion Front Air Spring? Youtube

Pinnuo / 2017-06-16

 Now W221 air suspension shock repairing is very popular. When we clamp it, these spare parts are usually need to change:


1.Rubber bladder

2.Steel rings

3.Dust cover

4.Steel tie for dust cover

5.Alunimun cove

6.Upper mount

7.Lower rubber isolator

8.Inside rubber

9.Upper metal plate

10.Inside cap

11.Metal head( depends on the condition, some time it can be used again.)

12. Sealing rubber rings


You can see the position of steel rings that put inside the toolings, firstly we need to clamp the rubber with inside aluminum part. And then put it on the lifts board, rise up to the right position to catch the metal head. Pls confirm wether the rubber & steel ring have been put in the right side. If you turn to the automatic mode, just press the button "clamping", machine can clamp steel ring and keep 3-5s and then release automaticly.


After that, we need to clamp the aluminum cover  by another toolings. Actually, different steel rings and aluminum cover are clamped by different toolings or molds. W221 front aluminum cover need to be pressed into the metal head and put into toolings circle surface. 


After the crimping done, usually we use the rolling machine to press the inside aluminum parts into the outside aluminum cover. Also need spray special glue on the aluminum cover edge and around of copper valve.