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How to Clamp Porsche Panamera Front Air Suspension by Crimping Machine?Youtube

Pinnuo / 2017-06-16

 In order to maket the after maraket air spring look perfect, some old & broken spare parts need to change on Porsche Panamera front air spring:

1.Rubber bladder

2.Steel rings

3.Dust cover

4.Steel tie for dust cover

5.Alunimun cover

6.Inside plastic piston

7.Upper mount

8.Inside rubber

9.Metal head(depends on the condition)

10. Sealing rubber rings

This air spring need three toolings and one plastic mold. Two toolings clamp the upper and lower steel rings, it's easy. But the plastic mold and relevent toolings is special that requests more technice. Because the middel steel ring need to be clamped inside of rubber together with aluminum cover. The first step is to clamp middle steel ring. Second step is to clamp lower steel ring. Third step is the upper steel ring.

In the first step to clamp middle ring by plastic mold, embedd the steel ring on plastic mold firstly. Then put the rubber bladder and aluminum cover. Pls pay more attention to the position of each parts. And use the lift board rise up. After the rubber, ring ,aluminum embedded well, you can't see the steel ring position. But you can move the plastic mold to coincide the toolings.