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Guangzhou Pinnuo Auto Parts Co., Ltd was established in 2003. It's located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. We are a professional manufacturer of air suspension repair kits, crimping machine for air suspension shock, air suspension springs, air suspension compressor pumps, air suspension valve block. As one of the leading suppliers for air suspension parts, we have high reputation in the industry. After 14 years' of development, we have exported our products to over 20 countries all over the world.
Our company regards quality extremely important for the survival and development of our business.
We provide our services in our honesty and strive for excellence through dedicated services, innovation and becoming a leader in the industry.
We are happy to engage with anyone who might be interested in the air suspension parts. And we are always looking forward to making friends worldwide.


Crimping machine is our one of main products, your business with us will benefit in most better way, so why wait buy now and gain great air suspension products from our team.

Automechanika Dubai
May 7,2017

We’ve showed our new crimping machine to the world in Dubai and got so many customers’ approbation , also preorders. And our air shocks repair kits, air compressors are very popular.

Crimping machine training center
Apr 15,2017

In pace with the demand of crimping machine increasing, so many customers need our technical support. So it’s very necessary to build a training center.

Used a bigger warehouse 3500 square feet

Feb 20,2017

As the order quantity is getting more and more large, we need to use a bigger warehouse than before. In this way, we can guarantee fast delivery.

Automechanika Shanghai
Dec 11,2016

At the request of the customer, we had carried new machine to Shanghai exhibition, together with our new rubber bladder. That brought big harvest for us. Many customers come to Guangzhou to visit us and placed orders.

New rubber bladder factory
Nov 18,2016

We focus on the quality of our products, and need to cut our cost at the same time. We used new equipment and material to produce the new rubber bladder, the quality has passed the test.

New 3-g crimping machine come out
Oct 25,2016

In order to provide customers more convenient operation experience, we have change the crimping house to vertical. And use the smart automatic touch screen with English language.

Recruited more teammates
Jul 5,2016

The business and market demand is increasing, we need more teammates. This time we had recruited more than 30 new members.

Developed some new air shocks & repair kits
Apr 12,2016

Some new models such as Audi A6 C7 rear air spring, Audi A8 D4 S8 air shocks, Porsche Panamera front shock & rear spring.

Open new production lines
Feb 16,2016

Five new production lines have been established in order to increase delivery speed.

Automechanika Shanghai
Dec 11,2015

We mainly showed our air suspension repair kit and crimping machine.

Canton Fair
May 20,2015

We brought some new air spring & spare parts to that exhibition.

Improved our repair kit catalog
Mar 1,2015

We’ve added many parts into our catalog, to give customer better service. Including rubber bladder, steel ring, aluminum cover, dust cover, strut mount, rubber isolator, central rubber, etc.

Automechanika Shanghai
Dec 11,2015

We mainly showed our air suspension repair kit and crimping machine.

New aluminum cover tooling
May 10,2014

Mercedes-Benz W220,W221,W211; BMW E65 E66, F02; Audi A6 C6, Q7, A8, VW, Porshce, aluminum cover produced by new toolings. It help us to cut much cost.

Automechanika Dubai
May 10,2014

We took new air suspension shock repair kit & air compressor to Dubai.

Valve block
Oct 20,2013

Valve block is an important part of air suspension system. And it requests high technical ability. After more than 2 years R&D, we developed W164, W211, F02, E70, A8, air suspension valve block.

New dust cover tooling
May 8,2013

We found that old dust cover tooling need more work processes, so it’s better to manufacture new dust cover to speed up.

Steady development

We developed repair kits for more cars model, such as W211, E61, A6 C5, Phaeton. Air compressors are also provided. In domestic market, we also offer repair service for air suspension shocks.

Second generation crimping machine
Aug 24,2009

As some market need, we made out the second generation crimping machine. It improves productivity.

Dec 10,2008

Because of the international financial crisis, we change the air suspension shock toward domestic market. And mainly supply repair kit to foreign market.

Extended market

At the beginning, our main market is Middle East & Europe. During these year, we extended to Asia, America, Africa, Australia. We also produced some air suspension compressors.

Established company
Sep 10,2003

We mainly produced W164, W220, W221, E39, X5, A6 C6, Q7, A8 D3, Range Rover, Discovery 3 air suspension shocks & repair kits.